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Questions and Comments We've Received

July 14, 2003

I applaud the President of Tulane University for speaking up about the inequities of college football with the BCS. I stand proud that our son is a graduate of Tulane University!


This article appeared in Sunday's Orlando Sentinel on the front page of the Sport's Section. Tulane's position in the BCS challenge is being recognized as that of a leader willing to take a stand for the spirit of equitable collegiate sports and academic excellence. Our family is very proud to be associated with this effort! Great job President Cowen!

Tulane Stirring Wave of Protest Against BCS

July 10, 2003

Honestly, I believe the BCS system could be construed as a violation of the anti-trust laws of the United States, which prohibit monopolies and encourage competition. The current BCS system does not provide fair and equitable opportunities to all DIA schools. In essence, it shuts out all of the other nonBCS schools from the big pay days and big bowl games. I can't think of one instance where a school outside of the big conferences has been invited to play in one of the big four bowl games. I really think the system is unfair and violates the anit-trust laws of the US. It's like Microsoft in the software business. If all teams had an equal opportunity to compete for the big pay days, then it would be fair.

July 2, 2003

Dear Tulane -

After the awkward situation regarding Tulane athletics and Division I participation, I applaud President Cowen and his effort to reform the BCS. The current BCS position makes it almost impossible for schools like Tulane to participate in and receive high revenues from the elite bowls. The BCS, and NCAA Division I athletics in general, need serious reform. I think it is great that our school President has stepped forward to lead the charge on this topic. This is a way to make a difference.

Keep pushing and Roll Wave!

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