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News Coverage

July 22, 2003
ESPN: Proposals Requested for Changing BCS Without Playoffs
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Sensenbrenner Directs Antitrust Focus at BCS
The Philadelphia Inquirer: BCS Open to Talks, but Not on Playoff
The Times-Picayune: Cowen's Quest Collects Interest
Bonesville.net: Football Powerbrokers Eclipse Coaches' Gatherings
Los Angeles Times: BCS Panel to Hold Summit
Florida Today: BCS Committee Invites Non-automatic Conferences to Meeting
San Antonio Express-News: Schools Not in BCS to Discuss Bowl Structure
Houston Chronicle: BCS to Bring Smaller Schools to Table
The Orlando Sentinel: Any Changes to BCS Won't Include a Playoff
The New York Times: Everything Except a Playoff Seems Possible in the BCS
USAToday: BCS Won't Consider Football Playoffs
The Dallas Morning News: BCS Rejects Playoff
The Salt Lake Tribune: BCS Considers Changes Other Than Playoff
The Miami Herald: No Playoff on BCS' Agenda
The Hartford Courant: Playoff System Still Not In BCS Plans
Herald Tribune: Sports Briefs
Charleston Daily Mail: Big East Will Keep its Berth
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Sports Briefs
Rocky Mountain News: Finish Line

July 21, 2003
The NCAA News: BCS Chasm Claiming Unintended Victims
The New York Times: Programs Not in BCS Want Piece of the Action

July 20, 2003
Bonesville.net: News Nuggets

July 19, 2003
CBS.Sportsline.com: BCS is a Mess, One We'll Have to Live With

July 18, 2003
The Washington Post: Congress Takes Interest in BCS

July 16, 2003
The Cincinnati Post: Making Sense of the Conference Mess
Herd Insider: C-USA and Marshall Would Be A Good Fit

July 15, 2003
Bonesville.net: Bucking the BCS: Tulane CEO Demands Reform

July 14, 2003
The Mercury News: WAC Wary as Dominoes Fall from Conference to Conference
The Contra Costa Times: Non Football Powers Seek NCAA Reform

July 13, 2003
The Orlando Sentinel: Tulane Stirring Wave of Protest Against BCS

July 11, 2003
The Herald-Dispatch: Conference Shakeups Puzzling, Maisel Says
Herd Insider: Marshall Moving Van Still Awaiting Map

July 10, 2003
CBS.Sportsline.com: Next BCS Chairman Cleans Plate to Prep for Upheaval
The Times-Picayune: C-USA Chiefs Vow Unity Until '05

July 9, 2003
The Times-Picayune: C-USA Leaders Talk Alignment
Corpus Christi Caller-Times: Big East is ECU's Best Bet

July 5, 2003
The Washington Post: Big Football's Bully Tactics

July 3, 2003
The Clarion Ledger: Big East, Suddenly the Big Least, Looks to Feast on Conference USA
Business Week: Of Course Colleges Chase the Money

July 2, 2003
The Advocate: Conference Call or Margin Call?
Austin American-Statesman: Miami's move to ACC will likely spark major changes across NCAA
Bonesville.net: Hybrid Leagues Doomed by Natural Forces
gomemphis.com: Don't Panic - Still Time for Sane Thought
ESPN: Cardinals Nest to be Courted in Realignment Derby

July 1, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Allow Me to be the Latest to Attempt to Cash In

June 30, 2003
USF Oracle: Opportunity Rings for USF

June 29, 2003
The Clarion Ledger: Tulane President "Get Rid of BCS"
The Times-Picayune: Wave Saver
The Times-Picayune: ACC Expansion Could Work Out for Everyone

June 27, 2003
The Charleston Gazette: Big East BCS Berth Isn't in Jeopardy

June 26, 2003
BlueRaiders.com Report: Tulane Leads Good Fight Against BCS
CBS.Sportsline.com: Rude Table Manners will Ruin Collegiate Athletics
Chicago Sun-Times: Bank One Sponsorship Inspiring Jokes Already

June 25, 2003
Miami Herald: Miami Reportedly Ready to Accept Invitation from ACC
The New York Times: A.C.C. Reaches Decision to Invite Miami and Virginia Tech to Join

June 23, 2003
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Tulane Sets a Good Example

June 22, 2003
The Advocate: Leaving SEC Costly for Wave
Coloradoan: ACC Raid Has Conferences Scrambling

June 21, 2003
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Tulane's Home Court Advantage

June 20, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Cowen Causes Stir with Blitz Against the BCS
The Beaufort Gazette: Schools Throughout Deal with Budget Problems

June 19, 2003
Deseret Morning News: Cowen to the Rescue
FOXSports.com: Gigantino Quick Hits

June 18, 2003
The State: ACC Still Talking Expansion, Not Voting

June 17, 2003
The Times Dispatch: Problems Continue with BCS

June 16, 2003
Sarasota Herald Tribune: Tulane President Invites Colleagues to Help Dismantle BCS

June 15, 2003

The New York Times: How Division I-A is Selling Its Athletes Short
The Times-Picayune: Tulane's Balancing Act

The Times-Picayune: TU Seeks to Continue Making Positive Strides
The Times-Picayune: Away Game
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Tulane Heads the Wrong Way
Hartford-Courant: ACC Plans Could Also Shake-up BCS

June 14, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Cowen Targets BCS Bowl System
Fresno Bee: President of Tulane Seeks BCS Break-up

June 13, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Strange Sportsfellows
Corpus Christi Caller Times: It Won't Get Easier for Tulane
Corpus Christi Caller Times: Realignment Battle Turning Bitter
Sarasota Herald Tribune: Tulane President Wants Changes to BCS

June 12, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Tulane President Vows to Lead Athletic Reform
The Times-Picayune: Academics' Rivalry With Sports Not Over

June 11, 2003
The New York Times: Tulane Stays in Division IA
The Times-Picayune: The Ballots Are in: Football Will Stay
The Times-Picayune: If Only City's Wave Fervor Was Flexible
The Times-Picayune: Healing Begins
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Can Turn Attention to Tangle of Conference Ties
The Times-Picayune: Decision a Challenge to Wave Fans
The Times-Picayune: Recruits Relieved Program Still Alive
The Times-Picayune: Recruiting Fine, Wave Coaches Say
The Times-Picayune: Scelfo Steady in Uncertain Times
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Geographic Diversity a Plus
The Town Talk: Tulane Board Has Delivered a Mixed Message
The Advertiser: Wave Scare Only a Fundraiser

June 10, 2003
Atlanta Journal Constitution: Tulane Decides to Keep Football Program
WWL-TV: Tulane Votes to Keep Football in Division I-A
WWL-TV: Zurik: Dickson Saved Tulane Athletics
USA Today: Tulane University Decides Against Changes in Athletics Program
SportsIllustrated.CNN.com: Tulane Votes Unanimously to Keep Football Team in I-A
ESPN: Green Wave Swamped by Ardent Fans
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Board Votes to Stay 1-A

USA Today: Future of Athletics is on the Line for Tulane
The Times-Picayune: No Time for Board to Punt
The Times-Picayune: Tulane President Mum on Football
The Times-Picayune: Wave Faithful Make Final Pitch
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Angus for Prez
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Books First
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Cowen Seeks Careful Review
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: It's Hard to Get Sports Back
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: National Reputation Is Good for Tulane and for City
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: We Owe it All to Tulane Football
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Worth It
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Martini College, Beer Town
The Shreveport Times: Decision Day for Tulane

June 9, 2003
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Decision Time at Tulane
The Times-Picayune: TU Supporters to Rally While Panel Meets
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: An Appetite for Tailgating
CBS.Sportsline.com: Tulane Close to Being Major Victim of BCS Monopoly

June 8, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Athletics Debate Broadens
The Times-Picayune: Wave Faithful Deserve Answers
The Times-Picayune: Where Tulane Went Wrong

June 7, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Former Green Wave Players Step Up
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Club Heads Urge School to Stay I-A

June 6, 2003
The Times-Picayune: TU Alumni Seeking Support
The Times-Picayune: Football Out of Losman's Hands for Now
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Releases Football Schedule

June 5, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Financial Figures in Dispute
The Times-Picayune: Wanting to Stay Course
The Times-Picayune: Scelfo's Ability to Sell Being Pushed to the Limit
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Much Depends on Football
The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor: Prestigious Colleges Can Thrive Without Sports

June 4, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Eliminating Football is One Option at Tulane
Fox Sports: Quick Hits on Realignment
Decatur Daily: Money is Moving the College Scene

June 1, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Tulane's Fiscal Woes Not Limited to Sports
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Chief Endures Green Wave of Criticism

May 31, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Campaign Blueprint for Other Athletic Programs?
gomemphis.com: BCS Plan Already Broken

May 30, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Delays Decision on Athletics
The New York Times: Tulane Delays Decision on Athletics Dept.
ESPN: School Will Decide Athletic Status on June 10
Gatorsports.com: Tulane's Tough Decision the Result of Indifference
SportingNews.com:Pickin and Grinnin - My BCS Fight is Over

May 29, 2003
The Town Talk: Tulane Decisions About Athletics Could Set Trend
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Committee Undecided on Plan

May 27, 2003
Birmingham Post-Herald: The Big Shakeup

May 26, 2003
Raleigh News & Observer: ACC Moving Forward, Faster
SportingNews.com: A View of the New League Landscape

May 25, 2003
The Shreveport Times: Tulane Reaches Athletic Crossroads
The Times-Picayune: Jones, Players Ignore Debate on TU Future
The Times-Picayune: On Campus

May 24, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Wave Will Thrive Well if Review isn't Long

May 23, 2003
Newsday.com: Tulane Weighing the Fate of Its Athletic Program
The Times-Picayune: Tulane AD Pleads Case to Committee

May 21, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Council Lauds Tulane Athletics

May 20, 2003
The Times-Picayune: TU Committee Postpones Its Recommendation

May 18, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Giving Wave Three Years a Donation Worth Doing
The Times-Picayune: College Notes: Ripple Effect is Wide

May 17, 2003
The Times-Picayune: C-USA Officials Mulling Tulane Exodus

May 16, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Alumni and Fans Donating to Drive

May 11, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Green Wave, Red Ink

May 8, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Saints Donate $20K to Green Wave
The Times-Picayune: Come Out and Cheer Tulane

May 6, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Fiscal Wave

April 30, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Fans Say TU Should Stay IA

April 28, 2003
The Daily News: Will the Wave Roll Out?

April 26, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Students Support Division I

April 25, 2003
Tulane Hullabaloo: Tulane Athletics Face Uncertain Future
Tulane Hullabaloo: Opinion of the Hullabaloo
Tulane Hullabaloo: It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

April 24, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Division III Good Fit For Wave
The Advocate: Tulane Athletics Closely Watched

April 23, 2003
The Advocate: Tulane Mulling Future of Athletics Program

April 22, 2003
The Times-Picayune: Tulane Mulls Lower Athletic Division